by Sarah Burns MBE, Chair of Smart Works Reading

At Smart Works Reading, we support our clients as individuals. Each has her own skills to share and barriers to overcome in her job search. The one thing our clients have in common is a lack of confidence. …

By Jo Ritchie and Julie Cassidy

Mid-life job seekers have a lot to offer employers.

They will have worked through economic booms and downturns, can be good at juggling multiple responsibilities and have often built up extensive professional networks. …

By Matthew Picton, part of the Smart Works Reading and Vodafone’s employment advice series

Good News — You have found the perfect job for you, advertised by an excellent employer.

Bad News — It’s a competitive market, you know the job is great and you expect loads of other people will be interested in this too. …

Are you looking for a job? Three Vodafone experts give their top tips for effective applications, key soft skills, and how to settle in and get to know your colleagues once you start a new role. Happy reading!’

What advice would you give to someone writing a CV and/or cover letter for a job application?

Susan Hitchinson — Head of HR: Cloud, Carrier, UC&C

Writing a good…

Smart Works Reading

We are a charity who provide work appropriate outfits, styling advice and interview coaching to women in the Thames Valley area to help them get back to work.

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